What to Expect When You Work With Me

Many people know they want an editor to take their writing to the next level, whether it’s for an academic project, a book proposal, or with the goal of publishing their work, but they’re not quite sure what to expect or what to ask for.

When you contact me, it’s helpful if you tell me what your project is (article, paper, novel, short story) and what level of editorial help you want. If you don’t know, that’s okay; just tell me what stage your project is in, and we’ll talk about it.

The only way for me to give you an accurate estimate for my services is if I see a sample of your work, so I’ll ask you to send a sample of 10-20 pages, and then I will give you a sample edit on those pages (at no cost, with no obligation). This way I have an idea of the time your book will take for me to complete, and you will see my style and decide if it suits you.

A sample edit does not oblige you to use me as your editor. However, if you’d like me to do substantially more than 20 pages on trial, I’ll charge at an hourly rate.

No one likes surprises, so I’ll keep you updated on the timeline compared to the estimate. You can also request a limit on the number of hours.

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